the Scepter

The scepter a.k.a tcham-scepter a symbol of power & dominion

and an emblem of authority plus it associated with wealth and happiness,

associated with ancient Egyptian gods like the god of chaos, desert, and

war Set & the god of the dead Anubis plus it was found in the hands of the pharaoh.  the Scepter

The specter represented the animalistic aspect of Set and the total takeover

of the forces of chaos. It believed that the staff had magical powers and used

them to create a bond between the underworld and the mortal one. The “was” was

an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph character representing power.

Facts About   ( the Scepter )

the specter a symbol of the district of Thebes? It responsible for

the funerary context for the well-being of the deceased and often images

of the symbol found in the tomb equipment and on the decoration of the

tomb and the coffin. The ancient Egyptian used the was specter as an amulet,

they also perceived the sky as being supported on four pillars in the shape of a

specter. It often combined with the Ankh and the Djed pillar in the Scepter

hand of the god Ptah which is known as the sculptor of the earth. The staff

also found in the hands of other gods like Hathor, Isis, Ra-Horakhty, and many others.

the  Origin ( the Scepter )

The scepter is in the shape of staff with the head of a desert animal and an

open fork at its base which could symbolize the legs of this creature.

It constructed of wood or faience and sometimes precious metals

as gold and silver used. It commonly seen carried by Pharaohs, the Scepter )

gods, and Priests during its first use in the first dynasty in the 30th century BC

(3150 – 2613 BC) in the time of King Narmer. Some believe that the origin of the

staff can be derived from a walking stick, the root of a tree, a tent pole, or a fighting cane.

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