Egyptian Mythology Creation Story

Egyptian Mythology Creation Story Every ancient civilization had its

own theory or belief on how everything unfolded. The ancient Egyptians had

a vivid imagination that led to a number of complex versions of how the ancient

Egyptians were created. They believed at the moment creating a world order

was created which contained the basic principles of life, nature, and society that

were governed by the gods at the moment of creation. All the pyramids texts from

the old kingdom (2780-2250 BC) located on the pyramid walls, tombs, temples,

and the legendary book of the dead showcase all the information related to the creation myth.

Before the invention of time, the universe was full of endless dark waters and swirling

chaos that appeared in the shape of an infinite expanse of straying invisible dark waters

called Nun. In the darkness was a primordial hill Known as the ben-ben on

Egyptian Mythology Creation Story

rose a great god Ra (Atum) who created himself out of the Nun, who felt

lonely and decided to create life using his magic known as Heka. It believed

that that the creator god Amun came from the Nun as the Bennu Bird then went.

to the sun city of Heliopolis where he constructed a nest called Pyramidion

where the bennu miraculously brought to life from the breath of fire. The

Bennu became a symbol of immortality and rebirth.

He gave life to two children Shu (god of air) and Tefnut (goddess of moisture).

they rapidly began creating the principles of life and order. They started building

the world while leaving their father Ra on the Ben-Ben in the middle of chaos

and sadness so he sent his eyes in search for them and when they returned with his

Egyptian Mythology Creation Story

eyes, in a moment of absolute happiness, he shed tears of joy that fertilized the earth

of the Ben-Ben and gave birth to men and women. It took a long time to create the

heavens at the same time where the ancient Egyptian gods lived in the earth which

seen as a sacred landscape and a true reflection of the heavens, it divided

into kingdoms built on the basis of justice.

Egyptian Mythology Creation Story

After the creation of humans, Shu and Tefnut created Geb (the earth) and Nut.

(the sky). Despite Geb and nut being brother and sister, they fell in love which angered

Ra so he ordered Shu to separate them for eternity but it was too late as Nut was pregnant

Egyptian Mythology Creation Story

with Geb’s children. In anger, Ra ordered Nut not to give birth in any month of any year

so the god of knowledge “Thoth” gambled the moon and was able to add five extra days

to the official calendar of 360 days where Nut was able to give birth to Osiris, Isis, Set.

Nephthys, and Horus the elder. Osiris has shown himself to be a judicious and thoughtful

god who given the rule of the world. At the end of day, Ra will wipe the world.

out and return to the primeval mound, everything will be gone except for Osiris

the Ruler of the Underworld. There is a possibility for a new creation to replace the old world with a new one.

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