Things to Do in Cairo

Things to Do in Cairo

The majestic city of Cairo has acted as a hub for the most diverse collection

of monuments in the world in the course of 4000 years, transforming into

a heritage site that provides every traveler with a magical experience like

traveling to the past. Cairo has always been one of the most attractive designs,

the top of every travel bucket list, aside from all the incredible historical sites

like the Giza pyramids complex, the Cairo citadel, the Egyptian museum,

the Coptic and Islamic attractions, this is numerous things to do in

Cairo was designed to create the most memorable vacation.

1. Visit the Historical Giza Pyramids
2. Discover the Egyptian Museum
3. Explore Salah El-Din Citadel
4. Shopping Tour At Khan EL Khalili
5. Witness Al Azhar Mosque
6. Discover Coptic Cairo Churches
7. Visit the Coptic Museum
8. Day Tour to Memphis and Sakkara
9. Explore the Red Pyramid in Dahshor
10. Enjoy a Dinner Cruise in Cairo
11. Experience Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids at Night
1. Visit the Historical Giza Pyramids

In the immortal lands of Egypt lies the incredible pyramids of Giza; home to the

most ideal reflection of the ancient Egyptian civilization creates in the old kingdom

(2686 – 2181 BC) to become a stairway to the heavens where the ancient ruler of Egypt.

located just 13 km (8 mi) southwest of Cairo is the holy trinity of pyramids Khufu, Khare,

and Menkaure is able to showcase a great deal about the architecture and customs

of the ancient Egyptian culture. The Pyramids of Giza is the holy grail of exploration

tour able to make all travelers return back in time and witness a genuine artistic piece of human evolution.

2. Discover the Egyptian Museum/Things to Do in Cairo

There is no complete vacation to Egypt without a tour to the Egyptian museum

the house of beauty and magic, consisting of multiple floors that holds more

than 120,000 mesmerizing pieces of artifact across a time of more than 4000

years to the most famous names to ever be heard such as the golden mask

of Tutankhamun, the mummy room, and countless more.

3. Explore Salah El-Din Citadel/Things to Do in Cairo

In the heart of Cairo lies the great Salah El-Din Citadel constructed in 1182 AD

by the great emperor Salah El-Din where it served as the center of rule and as

a protective fortress against foreign invaders like the crusaders or the French forces.

It became the headquarters of the government for more than 700 years in

which a number of museums, art galleries, marvelous structured buildings

came to be inside the citadel making it a must-visit attraction.

4. Shopping Tour At Khan EL Khalili/Things to Do in Cairo

The golden brick road of Khan El Khalili bazaar is a piece of paradise containing

all the heart and mind desires. It has been the oldest shopping street in the

middle East since 1773 AD offering the chance for every traveler to catch a

glimpse of past riches and glory and even buy some all the way. The Bazaar remains

very active till today containing all the goods a traveler could wish for.

5. Witness Al Azhar Mosque/Things to Do in Cairo
Al-Azhar Mosque
Al-Azhar Mosque

One of the oldest and most complete examples of Islamic architecture is the Al-Azher mosque,

constructed in 970 AD to be a worship place, house of knowledge, and one of the

world’s first official universities which still very active today. it is quite

famous for its harmonious blend of architectural styles of over more than

1000 years as it was rebuilt, modified, and enlarged which makes it ideal for architectural Islamic exploration.

6. Discover Coptic Cairo Churches/Things to Do in Cairo

Cairo used to be the capital of the Coptic life for 400 years from the 3rd AD to 7th AD,

The old city of Cairo became the stronghold of many churches like the hanging

church, Saint George, and many more as a true examples of Christian architecture

from the beginning of the 5th century to our current day which makes it

a perfect exploration trip for all who seek to witness beautiful heritages.

7. Visit the Coptic Museum/Things to Do in Cairo
Hanging Church Coptic Cairo
Hanging Church Coptic Cairo

One of the most beautiful hidden places in Cairo is the Coptic museum founded in

1908 which housed Coptic art from the earliest days of Christianity.

It holds about 1200 pieces of art on display from the 4th and 5th-century

the sculpture which influenced by Greco-roman mythology with pharaonic subjects.

8. Day Tour to Memphis and Sakkara/Things to Do in Cairo

The magical city of Cairo is filled with amazing wonders such as Memphis city

created in 2925 B.C the first capital of Egypt, the home of the god Ptah the

patron of creation and artwork plus the Saqqara Step Pyramid that launched

the golden age of pyramids constructions, designed and created by the

famous architect Imhotep the vizier of Pharaoh Djoser “2686 BC – 2649

BC” to possess a new architecture design made up from six steps and surrounded by one of a kind great complex.

9. Explore the Red Pyramid in Dahshor/Things to Do in Cairo

In the Giza desert lies a red gem in the shape of a pyramid made of red limestone

in the old kingdom by king Seneferu. it is the third-largest pyramid and the first

successful attempt to construct a true smooth-sided pyramid which acted as

an inspiration for the great pyramids of Giza which makes it one of the ideal to explore in Dahshor.

10. Enjoy a Dinner Cruise in Cairo/Things to Do in Cairo

A dinner cruise is like dining among the stars between the two ends of heaven in

Luxor and Aswan. The Nile dinner cruise will have some delicious traditional

Egyptian cuisines accompanied by a colorful enchanting belly dancing show with

a traditional Egyptian folklore band accompanied by a mesmerizing Tannoura spin performance.

11. Experience Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids at Night

One of the amazing activities to partake in Cairo near the pyramids are the sound

and light show where all the history of ancient Egypt will be showcased in the

the greatest fashion in different languages for 45 minutes where everything will

be illuminated in a rainbow of colors and narrates in a bombing hypnotic

the sound where all the secrets of this ancient kingdom are revealed.

Enjoy Best Cairo Day Tours/Things to Do in Cairo

Cairo day tours are ideal for everyone who wishes to catch a glimpse of the

full beauty and glory of Cairo for a full day and experience the most incredible

adventure for the most affordable price and the finest service.

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