Who is King Ramses II?

King Ramses II is one of the greatest pharaohs who ever ruled Egypt,

he is known as Ramesses The Great, one of his most famous names is the

Ozymandias which is Greek for the first part of his name which reads

“The Matt of Ra is Powerful, Chosen of Ra“. His legacy began as the third king

of the 19th dynasty (1292-1186 BCE), he was born in 1303 BC to his father Pharaoh

Seti I and his mother Queen Tuya. He was second-in-command during his father’s

military campaigns in Nubia, Libya, and Palestine when he was just 14 years old,

and when he reached the age of 22 years old, he was leading his own campaigns with

his sons Khaemweser and Amunhirwenemef. Ramses was a great emperor Known for his endless ambition, wisdom, and vision.

When Did King Ramses II Get the Throne of Egypt?

After the death of his father, Ramses took the thrones of Egypt in 1279 B.C at

the age of 25 years old and his reign lasted for 66 years until 1213 BC, he was a brilliant

a military leader who protected his empire against various enemies like Hittites,

Libyans, Syrians, and Nubians. He led his army which reached 100,000 men

during his era to many campaigns to Nubia and Levant to expand his empire

and to rebuild the glory of the Egyptian empire through taking control of many

King Ramses II

cities in the Levant plus he warns the Hittites about their unwise hostile actions

toward Egypt Which started the battle of Kadesh in 1274 BC between Ramses II

and the Hittites in the city of Kadesh which became one of the oldest battles in

ancient Egyptian history. The battle is known to be the best-documented battle on

all of ancient history. No one won in this battle but both sides claimed victory

which made both sides created the first documented peace treaty in history.

What Are the Best Works of King Ramses II?

He constructed a new city in the Nile River delta called Per Ramess to be his

home while being at war with the Hittites, Ramses considered being

the second-longest ruling king in the history of Egypt for 67 years after

the 6th dynasty pharaoh Pepi II lasted for 90 years.  also known as

a Great builder, during his reign, he constructed many temples and rebuild & enlarged many

of his ancestor’s buildings such as Amenhotep III Temple in Luxor, which holds the hall

of columns in Karnak Temple and many more.

King Ramses II

He desired to immortalize his legacy by building his own temples; the largest temple

was found on the west bank of the river which is the Ramesseum temple that shows

his campaigns to Nubia and his great achievements but unfortunately,

it was devoured by time and what remains is but small insignificant remains.

He built Abu Simbel Temples which acted as the back gate & the final frontier

of the Egyptian kingdom from the deep southern border that contains two temples;

the bigger one for him decorated with his battle victories and achievements while the

The smaller one was for his wife Nefertari. His name mentioned on every temple,

colossal statues and monuments made in his era.

When did King Ramses II Die?

King Ramses II  a great and powerful king who had about 200 wives the

most famous of them was his beloved main wife Nefertari and had about 111 sons

& 51 daughters. He died in 1213 B.C at the age of 90 years old, his body  found

in Valley of Kings in Luxor then it moved to the Egyptian Museum and then

to the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo like his great statue that moved from

Ramses Square to the entrance of the new Gem Museum.

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