Shopping In Egypt

Shopping in Egypt is like being in a dream where all the

beautiful natural and man-made artifacts are in your reach at very affordable prices.

Egypt is filled with a great number of markets and shops where all the magical

Shopping In Egypt

goods of Egypt is stored and sold on a great display; one of the most famous

market places in Egypt are the most visited market place on earth

Khan El Khalili Bazaar is a 500-year-old maze of streets, routes,

stores and shops in the heart of Islamic Cairo. There are various numbers

of markets, souks, crafts, and art centers all over Egypt plus countless

local markets where everyone can buy fruits, vegetables, and other products.

The Shopping Materials Shopping In Egypt

Many materials are used to create some incredible artifacts, some of which

are mainly copper and brass where all the products such as trays, Arabian coffeepots

, hanging lamps and more are made and located in Cairo inside an

the area called “Nahaseen“. One of the most famous and known Egyptian goods

is Egyptian Cotton which came in the shape of awesome shirts, trousers,

bedsheets, bed covers, a Galabeya, scarves, and more, also pure natural

leather which comes in the shape of sandals, shoes, bags, and shoes.

Another popular item is a set of chess or backgammon made from

Shopping In Egypt

hardwood, with enchanting designs with ivory, bones, pearls, and many.

some of the more ridiculous items you can buy in Egypt are belly dancing

outfits which come in colorful designs of pharaonic nature and a variety

of accessories or a shisha which traditional water pipe is used for smoking

and tend to have a unique design. One of the most unique and popular

items in Egypt has a special design like Pharaonic, Islamic, Nubian, and

especially the bedouin attractive homemade products that come from the Sinia

Peninsula and the Siwa Oasis often utilize many coins in their designs.

The Famous Bazaars & Souks of Egypt Shopping In Egypt

The markets and bazaars of Egypt offer the best for tourists with an epic collection

and a mixture of products, gifts, and souvenirs in diffident quality and prices.

Across all the narrow streets and the massive markets are the biggest

collection of never seen before goods; all one hundred percent Egyptian made and based.

Some of the famous goods and products that you can buy:
Miniature Pyramids
Cotton Robes
glass, copper, and brassware Jewelry
Jewelry Wooden Boxes
Statues Replicas
Handcrafted metal works
Hand blow glassworks and ornaments
Veils such as Jilbab, burqa
Belly dancing outfit
Pottery and ceramics
Egyptian Musical Instruments
Kilim Carpets
Scarab beads
Ramadan Lantern
Bastet, Antique Stones
Papyrus scroll
Fez (head cap for males)
Alabaster Vases
Gold Jewellery
Sand-filled camels
Delicious Eastern Deserts
Famous markets and bazaars in Cairo:
Arts center of Wekalet El Ghori
Fleamarket at Wekalet El Balah
Traditional Souk of Khan El Khalili
Al Khayameya market
Ashor Bazaar
Al Karnak Bazaar
Roma Bazar
Al Ekhlas Bazar
Shopping Malls such as Nile Mall, Nile Hilton Mall, City Stars, and more.

In the heart of the Giza, the city of pyramids is the Egyptian Perfume Palace, Papyrus Shop,

Topaz Bazaar, Sondos, Papyrus, Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Centre, and more.

Famous souks in Luxor:

Shopping In Egypt
Habiba Handweaving and gallery
Alladins Cave
Fair Trade Luxor Outlet

Famous souks in Aswan: Shopping In Egypt

The golden city of Aswan is full of riches which can be found in the Aswan

Souk, Aswan Bazaar, Om Elnor, Aswan Souk, Spice Market, and Hubia Craft Center.

Famous markets in Alexandria: Shopping In Egypt

In the city of Alexandria is a lot of local markets like the “Attarine” Market

which sells all sorts of antiques in a maze of narrow lanes and streets,

plus many shopping malls like Zahran Mall, San Stefano Mall, and the Grand Plaza Mall

Enchanting city resorts:

Across the red sea are a number of incredible cities that were

a truly unique collection of souvenirs and artifacts across its.

In Hurghada, you will find all that you need such as:

Karkusha Cotton House
Downtown Bazaar El Gouna
Nikki Leather Dehar
Hurghada Marine Boulevard
Senzo Mall
In the city of peace

Sharm El Sheikh is all that you desire in :

The Old Market
Na’am Shopping Centre
Soho Square

Bargaining in Egypt Souks Shopping In Egypt

Bargaining is an art form that involves a great deal of negotiation that has existed

in Egypt since ancient times which is more than agreeing on a price, but it some

of a ritual, practiced between the seller and the buyer. Some of the best

bargaining practices found in Egypt, so in order to get the item you desire

at the prices you want, every traveler must be extremely patient and calm.

It is always a good idea to keep discussing the price as you keep lower the

price as much as you can until both parties are satisfied and happy.


Enjoying one of the best Egypt tours is the best souvenir to always remember

the land of Pharaohs. A Nile river cruise across Egypt from Luxor to Aswan

with us is a magical chance e to get closer to the incredible historical attraction

and to all the incredible shops and markets in and between Luxor and Aswan

where you have the most epic shopping experience and get to possess

a beautiful magical piece of Egypt that will last forever.

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