The Meidum Pyramid Architecture

The Meidum Pyramid Architecture

There are countless pyramids in Egypt but the Meidum pyramid is

without a doubt is the most unusual-looking pyramid. It is located

on the west bank of the Nile, 80 km south of Memphis, 65 km south

of Cairo. It is one of the oldest pyramids in ancient Egyptian history

and most significant as it marks the transition from the early dynastic

period to the old kingdom. The Meidum pyramid is assumed to have

been built for King Huni the last pharaoh of the 3rd dynasty and was

The Meidum Pyramid Architecture

later continued by Pharaoh Sneferu in his 15th.

The name of king Huni was not found anywhere on the Meidum

pyramid and the pyramid was later named Snofru Endures’ and the

the fact the several of Snofru sons were buried there confirms it

was king Snorfu has constructed it then he moved 40 km to the north

to Dashur where he constructed the red pyramid and the bent.

The Meidum Pyramid Architecture

The Meidum pyramid was designed in the image of the step pyramid as

the main architect was a successor to the well-known Imhotep. The Meidum

pyramid is unfortunately collapsed as many modifications were made to

Imhotep’s pyramid design transformed into a true pyramid, it looks like

a huge tower surrounded by a massive pile of rubble. The pyramid is

about 93 m high and was once built with a square base with sides measuring about 114m long.

The internal design of the Meidum pyramid is fairly simple but was

considered to be a true innovation that became the standard for many

generations to come. The entrance of the Meidum pyramid is located

The Meidum Pyramid Architecture

north above the ground level with a descending passage down the ground

level to a horizontal passage leading to two small chambers and at the end

of the passage is a burial chamber which is 5.9 by 2.7 m and has no sarcophagus.

The ancient builder used the corbelling method to deal with the pressure

of the pyramid. Outside the pyramid is a chapel and traces of an enclosure

the wall surrounding the complex, there is also a satellite pyramid, an eastern

chapel, and a causeway that heralds the tradition of the old kingdom.


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