Who is King Tutankhamun?

King Tutankhamun (1334 B.C-1325 B.C) is an Egyptian king from the 18th

Dynasty of the New Kingdom (1570-1050 BC). He’s also known as Tutankhamen

which means the living image of god Amun. He is considered to be one of the

youngest kings who ever ruled ancient Egypt as he was only 9 years old when

he took Egypt’s throne after the death of his father Akhenaten. He ruled

Egypt in a transitory period after his father tried to enforce monotheism

by uniting the multi gods in the one god “Aton” the sun disk god.

He also moved his capital from Thebes to his new city the Horizon of Aten

“Amarna“. During Tut’s reign, some of the revolutions happened like

Tell El Amarna that demanded the return of the old gods once more.

His wife was Ankhesenpaaten which means “Her Life is from Aton“,

she was his half-sister from Akhenaten and Nefertiti, Tut was the son of Akhenaten and Lady Kiya “one of Akhenaten’s wife”.

When Was the Tomb of King Tutankhamun Discovered?

King Tutankhamun didn’t live the life of a king like most of his previous Predecessors;

he didn’t leave any worthy achievements after his death in his early life of 19 years.

He was remembered for his death more than his life as his great very preserved.

the tomb which was discovered in 1922 in the Valley of the Kings contained his mummy

and a thousand treasures which all of which were shown for the first time in

2010 in the Egyptian museum but will soon be transported to

King Tutankhamun

the new grand museum that will open in 2021. It showcases his famous mega coffins,

his golden mask, and all the other treasures found in his tomb. That’s why

a lot of tourists prefer to visit it as a part of their trip to Egypt.

a  great discovery of the king’s tut tomb can be traced back to a partnership

between a gifted Egyptologist & archaeologist called Howard Carter and

the 5th Earl of Carnarvon who inspired the most famous archaeological discovery

of all time “Tutankhamen Tomb” in 1914. Lord Carnarvon hired Carter to discover

the ancient tomb of King Tutankhamen. Lord Carnarvon spent various years

attempting to locate the tomb but wasn’t successful which led him to

hire carter due to his supervised excavations within the temple of Hatshepsut

in Luxor and his usage of advanced methods of archaeology and recording.

King Tutankhamun

They both believed that the tomb of Tutankhamen  simply forgotten and it’s time

the world remembers the name of king Tutankhamun once again.

On November 4, 1922, while systematically investigating a line of huts,

the young water boy stumbled on a stone that appeared to be the top.

of a flight of steps cut into the bedrock so after clearing the debris and starting

a slow careful excavation a sunken staircase  discovered leading to

a mud-plastered doorway that carried the royal seals of King Tut.

What is King’s Tut Pharaoh’s Curse?

People from all over the world seemed to pay more attention to the mystical

phenomenon known as the “Pharaoh’s Curse” which states that anyone

who disturbs the final rest of the Pharaoh shall meet his final demise.

Lord Carnarvon died five months directly after the discovery that led

to the birth of various supernatural speculations which remain only

speculations as out of the fifty-eight people who were present only.

eight passed away within a couple of years and the rest lived very peaceful lives like

Howard Carter passed away at the age of 64 in 1939. Many scholars

believe that curse is nothing more than a series of traps filled with deadly gas, chemical, bacterial, or even radiation.

Death of King Tutankhamen

Death of King Tutankhamun is an immortal mystery as it’s unusual for

pharaohs kings to die at this early age, he suffered from countless

disabilities and diseases that made researchers and scientists search

in this puzzle for countless years, they found a hole in his skull and fracture in

his leg which indicates he in an accident or probably murdered.

The tomb of King Tut is the most preserved and intact tomb in the history

of ancient Egyptian archaeology. On 16 February 1923, the tomb was open

for the first time and About 5.398 items found which Carter took

King Tutankhamun

10 years to fully document like Tut’s magical golden face mask, the inner

the coffin of three Sarcophagus made of 450 pounds of solid gold, his dagger which

made from a fallen meteorite, archery bow, golden chariot.

and various marvelous items. Its discovery covered by every media outlet

& press organization on earth that captured the attention of everyone around

the world and started a powerful attraction to the field of Egyptology till our current day.

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