History of Egypt Nile River Cruise

The History of Egypt Nile River Cruise and the influence of the Nile river cruise

goes back centuries ago and even to ancient Egyptian times. The Nile River is

the essence of life to the Egyptians, the source of infinite interest and delight,

and that what gave Egypt the power to survive this long across history.

The Nile cruise has been always viewed as the ideal method to fully explore

History of Egypt Nile River Cruise

this heavenly shining thread especially between Luxor and Aswan where the

ancient temples light up under the majestic sun. The greatest delight and excitement

a traveler can explore is always on board a Nile cruise where the exotic

and the everlasting nature of Egypt is explored in full luxury.

How Did the Nile Cruises Begin?

The Nile Cruise history goes back to the end of the nineteenth century and the

beginning of the twentieth century where the Nile cruise was created to become

the centerpiece of a journey across Egypt. Before that, the only way to explore

the Nile was through a Dahabiya which is a large houseboat with cross-sails

that took up to 50 days from Cairo to Luxor and then full days just to explore Luxor and Aswan.

In 1870 AD, Everything changed when an up and coming tourism company

called Thomas Cook Ltd brought a new technology called speedy steamers

History of Egypt Nile River Cruise

which speeded time by two thirds or half and the means to come up with

a new invention called Nile cruise which was no longer dependent on the wind

a power which leads to the journey from Cairo to Aswan to take 20 days and from

Luxor to Aswan a week. As for the dahabiyas, it was reserved for leisure and

wealthy travelers. The company also standardized travel routes and customizes

a wide range of Nile itineraries and shed someone hidden gems such as Thebes,

Philae, Abydos, and the great Abu Simbel

How the Nile Cruise Affect the Tourism and Economy of Egypt?

Thomas Cook developed the infrastructure for the tourism industry in Egypt

by investing in improving the Egyptian government with a fleet of steamships

which were very fast and extremely luxurious. Then the company started working

on advertising where Egypt was famous for being a winter resort par

excellence in all of Europe. The company developed a network of tourist stations

along the Nile which offers the finest accommodations and services.

History of Egypt Nile River Cruise

The company also trained a number of individuals who became known

as travel guides or tour guides to The Thomas cook fleet with the Egyptian

government dominated the tourism industry as by the turn of the 20th

century Egypt has become the main destination for westerners.

From that point on the Nile cruises became an Egyptian tradition totally

independent on its own the Nile cruise was the key bone behind Egyptian

tourism and can be created for setting the foundation for the entire industry

which contributes up to 11% of GDP and 14.4% of foreign currency revenues.

What are the Best Nile Cruise Ships?

Egypt is filled with a number of incredible Nile cruises filled with the

finest means of entertainment, tranquility, and the chance to witness

a collection of the best archaeological monuments and artifacts ever built

in the history of Egypt. There are two categories when it comes to the Nile

cruises the first is the High Luxury Nile Cruises where you will feel as if you are royalty such as the highly recommended:

Oberoi Zahra Nile cruise
Sanctuary sun boat Nile cruise
Sonesta Nile cruise

The Standard Nile Cruises are for budget travelers who want

the standard accommodations with the best treatment, there as:

Queen Nefer Nile cruise
Rosetta Nile cruise
Movenpick Royal Lotus Nile cruise

Movenpick Royal Lily Nile cruise

Conclusion/History of Egypt Nile River Cruise

Any Egyptian vacation is never complete without a magical trip on board

a Nile cruise where the sight of the greatest artifacts in the history of mankind

viewed in the most amazing fashion while enjoying the most comfortable

and exciting means of entertainment and relaxation. With us, you will find

a massive collection of Nile River cruises where take you to pick and live your

dream between a series of heavenly wonders and incredible attractions.

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