Naama Bay

Naama Bay One of the extraordinary places to visit in the holy place in Sinia

where you can explore all the incredible tropical destinations

around the red sea where you can experience a taste of genuine beauty and

live the most relaxing vacation you can imagine through a number of amazing

hotels, restaurants, cafes, entertainment sites, and every element that would make your vacation a one to remember.

History of Naama BayNaama Bay

Naama bay is a new site that came to be during the Israeli occupation of Sinai,

the area was developed with then the town of Ofira which was occupied until

the 1982 withdrawal after the six-day war. ever since especially in 1982 the

The Egyptian government has encouraged development and building project,

environmental zoning laws prevent the destruction of the local habitats

are cultural views which all led to the creation of the complete holiday destination.


Naama bay is a great resort that lays between Sharm Airport and Old City,

about 10 minutes away from both of them.

The Climate

Naama bay has an arid tropical climate, typically dry and warm, and summer months

can be humid that way the winter from October to March is the best time to visit.

Activities to do

Like any Sharm El Sheikh area, snorkeling and diving are the main activities to do

around here for tourists to fully explore all the wonders of the underwater

heaven from rare fishes to colorful coral reefs garden through boat trips

and diving safaris located all around the beach of Naama bay. The number

of restaurants, cafes, and shops will keep you busy plus the lively night

a scene in the awesome bars and nightclubs across the beaches.

Tourism there

Naama Bay is one of the main areas of tourist destinations within Sharm El Sheik,

containing a delightful pedestrian path that separates them from the beach

and Behind them passes the busy main dual carriageway with its own row

of hotels and many commercial outlets like restaurants, markets, cafes, bars, nightclubs, and entertainment sites.


There are many diving spots in Naama bay on the North and South. In the North,

there are eight diving spots known as Middle Garden, Ras Ghamila,

Far Garden, White Knight, Ras Nasrani, Ras Bob, Shark Bay, and Near Garden.

In the South of Naama Bay, there are also nine diving spots known as; Turtle Bay,

Sofa, Pinky Wall, Tower, Ras Umm Sid, Ras Kady, Paradise, and Amphoras.

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filled with natural allure and entertainment where the wonder of a lifetime is

just one click away so spend some time in these awesome majestic tropical places

through our tailor-made Egypt private tours where the adventure of the ages is

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