Secret Facts About the Pyramids

Secret Facts About the Pyramids A great deal of mystery surrounded Egypt and manifest many secret facts

about the Pyramids since the day of their rediscovery several centuries ago.

Many explanations rose to explain the level of sophistication the pyramids were

able to reach, some made sense while the other was farfetched. The pyramids

are the most recognizable symbols as they were able to stand the test of time

for about 4000 years and a true example of the strong will of mankind. Many

theories came to light about everything surrounding the pyramids; some are

literally of this world with a fringe theme. The pyramid has always been

shrouded in rumors, legends due to the fact that there are many questions

about its history, composition, and structure that remain unanswered.

Secret Facts About the Pyramids

The Orion Correlation Theory

One of the most talked about the theory concerning the pyramids is the Orion

Correlation theory published by Robert Bauval in 1983. The theory manifests

the concept that there is a connection between the location of the three great

Pyramids of the Giza Pyramids complex and the Orion’s Belt of the Constellation

Orion. Depending on the theory, many additional pyramids can be included to

complete the image of the Orion constellation and the Nile River can be viewed

as a reflection of the Milky Way galaxy. The Orion star represented the God Osiris ruler of the underworld.

You also may like to enjoy a Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan to

witness the ancient temples and tombs covered with sand during your trips to Egypt.

The theory stated that the position of the three main Egyptian pyramids

of the Giza plateau was correlated with the position of three stars in the

the constellation of Orion which created Orion’s belt as these stars appeared in

10,000 BC. A research was published by bauble called the orison Mystery in

1994 then followed by Graham Hancock book called Keepers of Genesis in

1996 which both confirmed the theory stated that the three Pyramids were

a terrestrial map of the three stars of Orion’s belt, the theory also stated that

Secret Facts About the Pyramids

the Sphinx shaped after the constellation of Leo. They made many

alternative theories debating the age of the sphinx to about 10,500 BC.

The theory final statement that the orientation and dispositions of the Giza

Pyramids, The Sphinx, and the Nile River is an accurate reflection of Orion’s

belt, Leo’s constellation, and the milky way which rose the argument that the

pyramids might be older than peoples think, as some argue that they may have

been an architectural evaluation to various building sites dating back to more

then 8,000 years old before the currently known constructions built.

Secret Facts About the Pyramids

Aliens, Atlantis Psychic Powers Relation of Ancient Egypt

Due to the unique skill & accuracy with which the pyramids were built,

many fringe theories stating that there could have been a lost civilization

that came after the pyramids which possessed highly advanced technologies,

Plato was the reason some believed it was the survivors of the destruction

of Atlantis, and were able to build a colony in Egypt. Some even weirder

Secret Facts About the Pyramids

theories came out that it was the Aliens who constructed the pyramids or

the ancient Egyptian has psychic powers like telekinesis (the ability to move

physical objects with one’s mind without any physical interaction) or the

use of some sort of levitation technology. The pyramids  believed to

be the source of a mysterious power; Some believe the pyramids used

as granary store but are highly unlikely. Many radical or in most cases idiotic

theories aroused about the pyramids due to the lack of information and

of mystery surrounding the pyramids.

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