Egyptian Mythology Osiris Story

Egyptian Mythology Osiris Story He was the ruler of Egypt,

he decided where the trees would best grow and

where the water would best flow and created the rich lands of the Nile to provide

for the needs of the people. He honored his siblings and father by keeping all

things in harmonious balance according to the principles of Ma’at (goddess of harmony).

His brother set became jealous of his success power and glory so he decided that

Egyptian Mythology Osiris Story

his brother has to die, so at his party, set created a beautiful chest which will be given

to the person who fits in it the most but the chest was built to fit Osiris perfectly.

So when Osiris got inside the chest, set slammed the coffin tight in which

Osiris suffocated and his coffin was thrown in the Nile.

Isis didn’t believe that her husband was died and start searching for him, she was

able to find the coffin and bring it back to Egypt, she decided to bring him back to

life using magical potions while her sister and set wife Nephthys guard the place

Egyptian Mythology Osiris Story

she hid the body. Set able to know Osiris body location through Nephthys

and cutting his body to forty-two pieces. He throws all of Osiris’s body parts

all over Egypt, When Isis found out she devastated, her sister felt guilty

promised her that they will fund all the pieces and bring Osiris back to life.

They able to bring all the pieces together and bring Osiris back to life

Egyptian Mythology Osiris Story

but he didn’t complete so he descended to the underworld to become the

righteous judge of the dead land. But before Osiris descends, Isis was able to

bear his child called “Horus” (God of the Sky). Horus raised in secrecy

by his mother to protect him from his evil uncle Set, he had a very difficult childhood

as he always attacked by animals and weird creatures sent by Set but he

always healed by his mother Isis the embodiment of maternal devotion and the healing magic.

Egyptian Mythology Osiris Story

When Horus reached his manhood, he decided to challenge his set for the rule of the kingdom.

Their battle lasted for eighty years, Set able to take one of Horus’s eyes,

but it did not make any difference as Set defeated by Horus and banished

to the deserts. The gods recognized Horus as Osiris’s rightful heir to Egypt and

he ruled Egypt with his mother Isis and Aunt Nephthys as his counselors and

harmony and prosperity returned to Egypt once more.

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