Alexandria Port

Alexandria port gives you easy access to two of history’s most noteworthy. Cairo and Alexandria Shore Excursions take you to Roman and Greek tombs .and ruins as well as the site of Alexandria’s legendary lighthouse.

where Qaitbey Citadel standing still. A few hours south in Cairo you can .visit the Giza Pyramids, Cairo’s Citadel, and Islamic Cairo. Egypt daily trips offer tours and excursions from Alexandria Port

Whether you look for one day

or Overnight day trips from Alex Port Visiting Cairo’s top attractions..and the best things to do in Cairo from Alex Port. Our  Shore Excursions .is always private in Private A/C Latest model vans and you will be always. escorted by a well-educated tour guide .who will make sure .to make it a smooth and hassle-free trip Book tours from. Online Only with us

Alexandria Port

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