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Marsa Alam Tours Footprint-free white sands and coral reefs teeming with turtles are on the cards with holidays to Marsa Alam. The new kid in town Marsa Alam is the most southern of Egypt’s resorts, which means sunny weather’s the norm. Its shimmering beaches are some of the most unspoiled along the Red Sea Coast. But with an ever-growing number of luxury hotels popping up along its 50-kilometer shoreline, it’s certainly starting to rise in the popularity stakes.

The beaches

Marsa Alam lines up an unparalleled range of beaches, from popular stretches to unblemished swathes. The main one, Abu Dabbab Beach, is a sweep of white sand with a roll call of watersports, and a reef where dugongs and giant turtles are routinely spotted. At the other end of the spectrum are the beaches at Honkorab and Golan. You’ll find them to the south of the resort in Wadi el Gemal National Park. Here, solitary mangroves poke out of duck-pond still waters, and there’s not a soul around for miles.

The diving

Off the coast of Egypt’s most unspoiled reefs. Elphinstone Reef is arguably the best of the lot – a 70-meter-high coral wall, where white tip reef sharks and giant turtles circle above your head. There’s also Samadai Reef, a place where wild spinner dolphins congregate, which explains the nickname.
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