Things to Do in Port Ghalib

Things to Do in Port Ghalib

Across the waters of the Red Sea are things to do in Port Ghalib designed to give

a heavenly sensation filled with joy and precious memories. The city resort

lies across the eastern coastal lies between the Red Sea shores and the eastern

Things to Do in Port Ghalib

Sahara offering a wide range of amazing activities both aquatic like surfing,

snorkeling & diving and adventurous like desert exploration and a chance to

discover all the historical wonders of Egypt in the immortal enchanting cities of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan.

1- Enjoy Snorkeling Excursions in Port Ghalib

Things to Do in Port Ghalib

In the waters of the Red Sea is a beautiful painting of a marine paradise made

from rare sea creatures and colorful coral reefs that offer the most memorable

snorkeling experience. Through Port Ghalib Snorkeling Excursion, you will

witness one of the most hypnotic harmonious underwater life and have the thrill of a lifetime.

2- Dive and Discover The Underwater Jewels

Things to Do in Port Ghalib

If you want to get the full image then diving is where you will witness the full

depth of the divine with the embrace of the Red Sea where harmony and survival

f the fittest is the only rule. There are various diving sites located in Port Ghalib

that offer the chance to live an impossible dream such as Daedalus Reef, Rocky

Island and The Brothers Islands offer the most amazing diving experience.

3- Go On Super Safari Tour in Port Ghalib Desert

The beauty and mystery of the Eastern desert are endless offering visions from

the time of creation through natural pieces of art and traditions from the heart

of the Bedouin culture where the most delicious cuisines and drinks are located

and the majestic essence of the Sahara is explored in full detail under the light of the heavenly skies.

4- Have A Bedouin Dinner in Port Ghalib

Things to Do in Port Ghalib

The moment you arrive, The Bedouin tribe will offer a delicious cuisines cook

using all-natural ingredients such as chicken pie, rice, kofta, roasted potatoes

and baked Bedouin bread in the heat of the Sahara, then followed by delightful

Bedouin tea in front of an entertaining show of oriental & folkloric songs and performances.

5- Enjoy Astrominical Night in Port Ghalib

The nights across the eastern desert awakens the spirits of ancient wonders

hidden in the core of the Sahara. The moment the skies are lit up with the

infinite distant suns, you will witness an astronomical miracle that will fill

you up with a heavenly sensation and the magical harmonious bond between the lunar starry skies and the desert.

6- Discover Cairo & Pyramids from Port Ghalib

Port Ghalib is a magical gateway to the wonderful capital of the world Cairo

where the biggest and most enchanting constructions were built across more

then 4500 years with the essence of the pharaonic, Coptic, and Islamic cultures

such as the Giza Pyramids complex the holy Hanging Church, the glorious Cairo

Things to Do in Port Ghalib

Citadel, the golden road of riches Khan El Khalili and many more surrounded

by the finest hotels, restaurants, and tons of entertaining activities such as a ride

a camel within the complex or the chance to enter inside The Great Pyramid of King Khufu for a small fee.

7- Witness Luxor Attractions Through Magical Overnight Tour

The golden city of Luxor is waiting for your visit, offering the opportunity

to create your miraculous adventure as you walk within the greatest monuments

ever built and witness hypnotic construction such as the divine Karnak

Temple complex, Heaven’s portal Valley of the kings, the beautiful one-of-a-kind Hatshepsut Temple and many more.

8- Take the Chance to Visit Abu Simbel Temples

The great Abu Simbel temple is one of kind construction built to reflect

the power of the gods through a masterful great architectural design that

holds a miracle called the sun festival on the 22 of February & October on

each year to honor Ramses II (1279-1213 BC). Port Ghalib will have you

exploring the everlasting wonder where the finest memories are created.

9- Explore Aswan in Two Days Tour from Port Ghalib

The essence of allure, grandeur, and class is found all over the mythical rich

city of Aswan home to the most stunning collection of ancient Egyptian architectural

such as the one of a kind double temple of Kom Ombo, the great Edfu temple,

the beautiful Philae temple and many more hidden wonders inside its Nubian glorious culture and traditions.

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