1 day Tour of Abydos & Dendera temples

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Abydos are two of Egypt’s most impressive temple complexes, but visiting on a group tour can mean less time to explore. This private full-day tour from Luxor is tailored to your preferences, so you can marvel at the Temple of Hathor, spend as long as you like touring the Old Kingdom,

Tour Attractions

Know more about the attractions you will visit on ( 1 day Tour of Abydos & Dendera temples )

Dendera temple
Dendera temple
Abydos Temple
Abydos Temple

Tour includes

  • Full-day tour of Abydos and Dendera from Luxor
  • Explore the Dendera temple complex, including the Temple of Hathor and the Zodiac
  • Discover the ancient cult center of the god Osiris at Abydos
  • Great-value tour includes hotel pickup and round-trip transport
  • This private tour can be customized to your interests and ensures you’ll receive personalized attention from your guide

Tour Excludes

  • entrance fees
  • tipping

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