What to Pack for Egypt

what to pack for Egypt as in order to

have a perfect vacation in Egypt, you must pack everything you could ever need

so you can fully enjoy the beauty of this holy country. Traveling to Egypt has always

been on everyone’s bucket list as you can’t call yourself a true traveler without

stepping your feet in immortal Egyptian soil. You will explore one of the seven

wonders of the ancient world the great pyramid of Giza and stare at the face of the

great sphinx.

What to Pack for Egypt
What to Pack for Egypt

What to Pack for Egypt

Taking a stroll on the oldest market in the Middle East the golden brick

road of Khan El Khalili will send you back to the times of ancient tales.

Boarding a Nile Cruise on the lifestream of Egypt between the heavenly lands of Luxor

and Aswan where you will listen to the tales of ancient times and behold all hypnotic

wonder and beauty of the Valley of the Kings, Karnak temple, Edfu temple, the great

Abu Simbel temples and many more. The beaches & shores of the red sea Riviera in

the mesmerizing city resort of Hurghada will elevate your horizon and vision of beauty to new levels.

What to Pack for Egypt

You should always have copies of your passport, visa, travel insurance,

credit card information, and traveler’s check information just in case and

carry them with you at all times away from the originals. Carry your travel

insurance information with you in case you find yourself in a doctor’s office

in Egypt,

meanwhile, leave copies of these documents with a friend or relative back

home in case of loss or theft. If you have any discount ID cards, such as an International

Student Identity card (ISIC), bring these so you can save some of the admissions

fees to Egypt’s top historical monuments. You should also carry your hotel & travel agency business card and info at all times.


It is acceptable to bring a major credit or debit card with you to Egypt since many

establishments accept payments with plastic, and ATM machines can be found in

major cities and tourist sites. You should also Bring cash to exchange for Egyptian

pounds, and hoard your smaller bills and coins for tipping, taxi trips, and the various

Egyptian merchants in need of small change. More and more tours, hotels, and shops in

Egypt asks for payment in US dollars due to Egypt’s currency shortage, so have

a small stash on you. You should keep your cash and valuables in a money bag,

especially in Egypt’s tourist areas and overcrowded public transportation.

What to Pack for Egypt

You should pack less than you normally would as you’ll likely be dragging your

baggage around frequently during your trip. For those visiting in winter,

you should pack for a warm-weather like a light jacket, layering shirts,

and an umbrella,

also, bring sunglasses and a brimmed hat to shield your

face from the sun and bring comfortable lightweight cotton or linen clothing

as well as all the typical clothing like a pair of shorts, swimsuit, socks, and underwear.

A pair of comfortable

open walking shoes or sandals are indispensable for walks

through ancient Egyptian archaeological sites. Egypt is a liberal country but Women

should bring at least one long-sleeved blouse and head-covering scarf in a case for

visits to mosques, you could pack a versatile, slightly dressy outfit for nights out.

The most important accessory you should bring is a backpack you can move easily

between the site while carrying all of your things.

Electronics What to Pack for Egypt

You should bring a power bank, portable wifi, a universal travel adapter because

you never know, also a small camera or one with a detachable zoom lens.

Once you arrive, you can purchase Egyptian phone credits or a SIM card to

contact whom you ever choose. You should have a portable travel strip so you

can charge anything you want from your phone to your laptop or any others.


It’s important to include a medical kit and hygienic items on your Egypt packing list,

since these aren’t always available, especially outside of the tourist sites.

A few basic hygiene items that should facilitate your trip to Egypt include

antibacterial hand gel, tissues for public restrooms, oral care items, scissors,

and tweezers.What to Pack for Egypt

Your medical kit should include bandages, antibacterial ointment,

ibuprofen, Advil, aspirin, and if traveling off the beaten path, Dramamine,

anti-diarrhea drugs, and re-hydration salts. Another must-pack is a reliable

brand of sunscreen and skincare with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Create Beautiful Memories in Egypt

The mesmerizing land of Egypt has a lot to offer, from its beautiful landscapes

to its seas and vast deserts, to its historical wonders in its immortal cities including

Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. It’s a one-holiday destination that has it all so don’t miss

the chance to live in such a beautiful country through our Egyptian private tours.

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